History of Philippe Duboscq I

"Until 1967, when I got married and left ROUEN.

When I was very young, my mother, who studied the Fine Arts, used to took me to the Museum of ROUEN. It's a beautiful museum famous for its rich collections of impressionists like MONET and RENOIR, the Rouen impressionists, DELATTRE, LEBOURG, DUMONT, LOUVRIER and HENOCQUE. Their technique of playing with light and formes to make effects in small strokes resonated with me. The evolution of some painters towards a grey area that is getting closer and closer to the abstract. This is also the case of certain paintings by Victor HUGO exhibited in his museum on the Place des Vosges in Paris in the Marais district. "


その美術館は息を呑むほどに美しく、Delattre, Lebourg ,Dumont , Louvrier , Henocque やMonetとRenoir の印象派のコレクションを展示している美術館として名を馳せていた。

僕はそのときVictor Hugo(ヴィクトル・ユゴー)の作品を見て、光のゆらめき、今にも動き出しそうな圧巻の表現力と驚異的なテクニックに驚愕し胸がいっぱいになった。

その作品は、パリ、マレ地区のヴォージュ広場(place des Vosges)にあるヴィクトル・ユゴーの家(Maison de Victor Hugo)で現在も展示されているのです。"

Maison de Victor Hugo


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